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Garage Door Repair Land O' Lakes
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Land O' Lakes Efficient Garage Door Repair

Expert technicians from this garage door service provider will stop at nothing to provide quick, efficient and high quality service.

Replacing garage door cables

Cables usually measure 7 and 8 feet and technicians measure the right length from the old cable. The spring must be replaced before replacing the cable to ensure safety and there are certain tools to do this. Place the cable in the right direction and stretch springs so shaft can float freely.

Don’t do temporary fixes for broken tracks

There’s no such thing as a quick broken garage track fix as our garage door specialists would like to assert. If your garage door tracks are broken, they cannot be temporarily corrected in the same way that you can bend back to place a merely bent track. Temporary fixes can be very dangerous.

One service per year is a safe level of professional maintenance

For most garage designs one quality tune up every year should be enough to keep your garage door and opener working perfectly throughout the seasons. An expert will ensure all components of your setup are in a condition to last, as well as repair any outstanding or threatening damage that has built up over the past year.

Inspect hinges and rollers for wear and tear and damage

Look into the holes of the hinges which house the roller stems. These holes should be perfectly round. If they are oval, our garage door repair specialists suggest that you replace the hinges immediately. Similarly, you have to replace all rollers with damaged, deformed or broken roller stems.


Garage Door Repair Land O' Lakes

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