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Garage Door SpringsYou can keep extension springs for a long time as long as you respect their power and handle their maintenance on a regular basis. When it comes to maintenance services, you can clean the door on your own, but the first advice Garage Door Springs Land O' Lakes gives to its clients is to refrain from repairing springs because they could put themselves in great danger.

It doesn't matter if you live in Land O' Lakes or any other suburb of Florida because the need to protect your home and family is the same everywhere.

When the torsion spring works fine, your door will slide smoothly, be lifted nicely, remain stable over your head and when it will close down, it will close well without leaving gaps, which could be taken advantage from intruders. You can feel secure every single day when you are working with Garage Door Springs Land O' Lakes since its long experience and the professionalism of its technicians can keep the mechanism in perfect condition. It's not a coincidence that we are popular for our thorough garage door repair since we have state of the art equipment, great methodology and superb organization.

Springs may break and they do causing serious injuries to some cases, but you don't have to go through similar ordeals. Maintaining the springs will not cost you much and our teams of technicians will respond instantly to your emergencies and will definitely take care of the lubrication and right adjustment. Spring repair requires expertise, great tools and careful steps, but our technicians have the experience, the equipment and the knowledge of the peculiarities of all brands.

Most manufacturers suggest 5 years life expectancy before you would have to replace torsion spring, but this number could change depending on the daily cycles of the door and maintenance of the springs. In any case, their condition must be checked regularly by our professional teams because they could inform you about malfunctions or whether it is time for replacement. If you contact Garage Door Springs O' Lakes today, we could check the condition of your springs at your convenience and you can choose among durable repair parts when it's time to replace them.

People cannot predict the future and, therefore, unpredictable factors may damage your springs resulting to the bad performance of the door or improper closing. We specialize on broken spring repairs for many years and, in these times, our assistance can really make the difference to your safety.

Garage Door Repair Land O' Lakes

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